Natural ecosystems controlled by digital technologies

From backyard ecogardens to ecovillages and green megalopolises

Symbiosei (Symbiose Intelligente — smart symbiosis) is a French biotech startup.
We develop technologies for monitoring and managing complex natural ecosystems with high levels of biodiversity.

Our goal is a symbiosis between humans and natural ecosystems,
a smart symbiosis

  • gardens, parks, ecovillages with zero carbon impact which are beautiful, environmentally balanced, comfortable for human being;
  • minimum agrochemicals;
  • low cost of maintenance.

Possible applications

  • decorative gardening and landscape design;
  • ecofarms and ecovillages, agroecology;
  • green zones of large cities;
  • research programs, botanical gardens;
  • restoration of damaged ecosystems.

The most important regional programs

Humanity is developing rapidly, the development of Arctic and the African desert is already underway and will only increase.
We are convinced that our technologies in these areas will not only be in demand, but vitally important. Therefore, we have such projects as:

The project Symbiosei was recognized as innovative by the French Ministry of Economy and was successfully incubated and accelerated at EuraTech Lille.
According to the business plan, Symbiose Intelligente should reach a capitalization of €1,000,000,000 by 2035.

For more information about our activities, see the “Projects” section.

Startup life in pictures

For more information about Symbiose Intelligente, see the “Projects” section.