How to become a Symbiosei dealer and start making money on ecoprojects

Details about who and how can become a Symbiosei dealer are at the end of this page. At first, a very brief description of how our dealer network is structured and how it makes money.

The business model of Symbiose Intelligente was developed according to the European cultural tradition, when approval and support in society is more likely to be found by a people’s cooperative than by a large corporation. Especially in everything related to ecology and land use.
Therefore, the Symbiosei business is based on a network of independent dealers, working in cooperation with regional authorities, environmental organizations, scientific and educational centers.

The Symbiose Intelligente team thanks the French government and EuraTech Lille for the unique opportunity to experience the culture and business traditions of northern France. Without this experience, building a full-fledged business model would simply be impossible.

How do Symbiosei dealers make money?

Landscape design, sale of plants, services for gardeners, trade in garden equipment, development ecoprojects

Landscape design

The electronic content of the Symbiosei garden sensors is completely independent of the external caseFor more information see the “Design for Hi-Tech Garden” chapter.

This allows regional dealers to develop and sell their own custom garden sensor designs for ecogardens and ecovillages, tailored to both local markets and specific landscape projects. This significantly increases sales income. Primarily for those dealers who already own a business related to ecogardening, landscape design, or the sale of ornamental plants.
If necessary, Symbiose Intelligente will provide copyright protection for original designs and collect royalties from those network dealers who use other people’s design solutions in their work.

Personal selling

Symbiosei technology gives dealers a remote access to data on the microclimate characteristics of customer sites. This means you get a powerful additional sales tool.

Now, for example, the following conversation scenario is possible:
— We see that your rose by the fence receives too little light. Let’s transplant it to a flowerbed closer to the house, where it will be much better, and we’ll plant new spectacular callas near the fence. Right now you can purchase them from us at a promotion with a significant discount for owners of ecogardens...

Development ecoprojects

Symbiose Intelligente provides to dealers the opportunity to monetize their knowledge of the region and local market by investing in green development projects. Including in the mode of joint financing.
The development business, especially in the narrow eco real estate market, is highly profitable, but complicated. The competence and funding that Symbiose Intelligente brings to new ecovillage projects is as important as the dealer’s understanding of the regional market.

The creation and operation of ecovillages is where we expect strong and mutually beneficial synergies from cooperation with regions.

Equipment Sales

From 30% — discounts for official dealers on Symbiose Intelligente equipment and services.

Who can become a Symbiosei dealer and how?

  • First of all, you must enjoy working with environmental projects and must have at least minimal competence in ecogardening and landscape design.
  • You must own or have a long-term lease of real estate suitable for opening a dealership. Why in the property?
    The business model of Symbiose Intelligente assumes an increase in the capitalization of dealership centers, largely due to an increase in the price of real estate owned by the center. With a short-term rental, you are simply gifting someone a portion of your pension.
  • You must be prepared to invest a minimum of €3,000 in creating a stock of Symbiosei equipment at your site.

If these conditions suit you, please contact us by email or in any of the social networks indicated on the site. Be sure to describe your personal experience with eco-projects and, most importantly, in which region and on which site you plan to open a Symbiosei dealership.