Project history

It all started in 2022 with an attempt to solve a standard, as it seemed to us, problem — to plant some flowers and coniferous trees along the path of the old park, not far from the prototype of the Arctic residential module, which was then actively being developed and tested.

Suddenly, everything turned out to be much more complicated than it seemed at the beginning.

Dry shade and the aggressive proximity of already mature plants, plus our reluctance to turn an amazingly beautiful corner of wildlife into a lawn — all this has brought landscape designers to a dead point.

Meanwhile, for professional programmers, the solution seemed obvious: measure the parameters of the local microclimate and select suitable plants from the database.

Surprisingly, it turned out that there are no ready-made solutions for this task on the Internet.

The first experiments had to be carried out using improvised means. Then the first success came — three juniper bushes gave roots exactly where we planned.

Gradually it became clear that our developments deserve more serious attention and could become the basis for a full-fledged startup project.

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