Independent testing of the garden equipment

Professional testing of your equipment in real conditions, in various climatic zones

We’ll be happy to place your equipment at our test sites, provide the required amount of operation in real conditions (garden care), conduct the tests you need, and ensure data collection and processing. More complex joint projects are possible — we are opened to cooperation.

Currently Symbiose Intelligente has four experimental sites

1. Middle East office. Sinai Peninsula, area on the Red Sea shore. Desert climate, summer temperatures up to +55 °C in the shade, the highest concentration of sea salt and sand dust, wind gusts up to 30 m/sec.

2. European representation. Ecofarm on the northern slope of the Teide volcano (Tenerife island). 900 m above the sea level, humid subtropical climate with cool and rainy winters and hot and dry summers (up to +40 °C in the shade). There is an automatic watering system. The site is unique for its complex terrain. In addition to flat terraces, the farm has plots on the northern, western and eastern slopes.

3. Representative office in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Skolkovo village (Russia), a forest area with all communications and convenient access (stable deciduous forest ecosystem). Continental climate, temperature in winter up to ⁠‑35 °C,⁠ in summer up to +35 °C in the shade.

4. Representative office in Turkey. Ovacik village (southern Turkey). Mild subtropical climate, 300 m above the sea level.

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