Managed ecosystems from Symbiose Intelligente

A balanced, digitally managed ecosystem is beautiful, practical and cheap to maintain

How it works

The operating principle of the system is simple and clear from the picture. A network of climate sensors collects data on the garden microclimate (temperature, light, soil moisture) at each critical point in real time and sends it to a central server. There this data is analyzed, the result is presented in the form of understandable graphs, and you get access to this data through your personal account.

Now, with the help of Symbiosei technology, you can get quick and clear answers to many questions about planning and maintaining a garden:
— Does this particular tree have enough water?
— light?
— warmth?
— Have there been critical overloads in these parameters over the past year?
— Will there be enough light a meter from the trunk for primroses to bloom there?
The answers can be obtained simply by looking at the graphs.
And knowing the exact answers, you can consistently, step by step, turn your garden into a balanced, sustainable, manageable ecosystem.

The fundamental point here is precise digital knowledge. Using this data, it is possible to correct a damaged ecosystem or even build a new one from the beginning in a few years.
Nature, acting by trial and error, will spend several decades on this. 

What are the benefits of a balanced ecosystem?

Shortly, a balanced ecosystem is cheap and beautiful. In a good ecogarden each plant should live in its optimal conditions. And on the contrary, you need to select plants exactly according to the location, depending on the microclimate conditions (this work can be radically simplified with the help of Symbiosei).

If most of the plants in the garden are strong and healthy, if the species composition of the garden is well thought out, if all living organisms are correctly distributed among ecological niches, then there are no weak points in the collective defense. This means that the garden’s resistance to diseases and pests increases radically.

This ecogarden is sustainable, requires minimal maintenance costs, and allows you to significantly reduce the level of use of agrochemicals.
Plus, a sustainable ecosystem with healthy plants and good levels of biodiversity is always beautiful.

Information on topic

How to turn your garden, village, megalopolis into a balanced, managed ecosystem

The easiest way, in our opinion, is to purchase a microclimate monitoring system from Symbiose Intelligente, place climate sensors in the most important places on your territory (from experience, one sensor per 100 sq. meters is more than enough even for a very complex landscape), analyze the data obtained, and consistently ensure that all your plants live in optimal conditions for them.

This is quite a long process, not always trivial, most likely some plants will have to be replanted, and agricultural practices will have to be changed to new ones.
However, this is a systematic approach, and therefore the only reliable option to reduce both carbon footprint and maintenance costs.

Why Managed Ecosystems from Symbiose Intelligente are the best choice

  • Our system is specially adapted for outdoor use:
    – temperature range from –50 °C to +50 °C,
    – protection from ultraviolet radiation and precipitation.
  • Signal transmission range from microclimate sensors — up to 1000 m from the base station, subject to line of sight.
  • Design. The appearance of the sensors is completely independent of the electronic filling. Our monitoring system can easily be integrated into any landscape project.

If necessary, we are ready to design and manufacture a vandal-proof version of the system.