Support for research programs

For amateur ecologists, independent researchers, professional scientists

The microclimate sensor network developed by Symbiose Intelligente as part of the Managed Ecosystems project can become a convenient research tool:

  • all sensors are adapted for outdoor use and have been tested in difficult climatic conditions:
    – temperature range from −50 ˚С to +50 ˚С,
    – reliable protection from ultraviolet radiation and precipitation;
  • distance from the base station — up to 1000 meters (with view line);
  • the base station can store data in internal memory or transmit it to a central server either via Wi-Fi or through a local mobile network (a local SIM card is needed);
  • if necessary, the design and protective properties of the outer casing can be adapted to suit the needs of your project;
  • complete energy independence (solar panels).

Study of the influence of microclimate on plant’s health in collaboration with Symbiosei

Once you purchase or receive through one of our affiliate programs a set of Symbiosei equipment, you will automatically get access to a personal account on the website, together with the opportunity to connect to our research program.
All data of Symbiosei climate sensors are recorded in a database, automatically processed, and are available to the equipment owner through a personal account online.

If you want this work to be useful to others, in addition to installing sensors, try regularly blogging your garden publicly on your Symbiosei account. Independent analyzes of the soil composition, an accurate schedule for applying fertilizers and other agricultural activities, photographs of the sensors of your ecogarden, the plants closest to them, preferably with your comments and, most important, with the obligatory precise linking of all this to the date and time will give a full-fledged study of the influence of the microclimate of the site on plant life.
This research data will be useful when designing and creating ecovillages in your climate zone, as well as to all those who grow plants similar to yours in similar climatic conditions. Also, your data will take part in training the Symbiosei expert system to automatically select optimal plants for microclimate conditions, and, as a result, we all hope for this, will lead to a decrease in CO2 levels in the world.

The best eco-gardener blogs on will receive prizes and honorary ecologist research diplomas.

Support for independent research programs

We are happy to collaborate with professional scientists as well as amateur ecologists.

For interesting research projects, we are ready to supply equipment at large discounts or even free of charge.

If necessary, we will place your equipment at Symbiose Intelligente experimental sites.

Would you like to join the Symbiosei research program?
Perhaps you have your own research program that needs support?

Contact us on any of the social networks, or by mail:, we will try to help.