High-Tech workplaces

Program for creating decent jobs in the regions from Symbiosei

The strength of our project is the minimum initial requirements for the level of special education for dealers and employees. A one-month course in landscape design with an in-depth study of ecology and some basic experience is sufficient. Everything else can be learned on the job, learning from senior partners and improving skills as the dealership develops.

Flexible work hours and a decent social position are other important advantages of jobs from Symbiose Intelligente.

It is extremely important that even in the beginning of their work, dealers can engage in full-fledged scientific research by joining a program to study the influence of microclimate on the growth and development of plants popular in the region, thus making a feasible contribution to the global green agenda.

And, perhaps, the most important thing: you can become a Symbiosei dealer at any age. With a flexible work schedule, you can manage your own workload.

Is your region interested in a high-tech jobs program? Contact us on any of the social networks or by email infosymbiosei@gmail.com, we will try to help.

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