How to order a Symbiose i equipment kit. How much could it cost

Symbiosei monitoring system package:

1. Base transceiver station

To transfer data to cloud storage, you will need Wi-Fi on the site or a reliable cellular connection; it is also possible to record data to a local disk — please indicate this when filling out the application. One base station can serve up to one hundred climate sensors simultaneously. The distance from the base station to external sensors is up to 1000 meters with line of sight.

2. Set of external microclimate sensors

In the basic configuration, each sensor monitors air temperature, soil moisture, and light.
Decorative housings for external sensors are selected individually; please indicate your wishes when placing your order.

Why Managed Ecosystems from Symbiose Intelligente are the best choice

  • Our equipment is specially adapted for outdoor use:
    – temperature range from –50 ˚С to +50 ˚С;
    – protection from ultraviolet radiation and precipitation.
  • The signal transmission range from microclimate sensors is up to 1000 meters from the base station, in case of direct visibility.
  • Design. The appearance of the sensors is completely independent of the electronic сontent. Our monitoring system can be easily integrated into any landscape project. If necessary, we are ready to design and manufacture a vandal-proof version of the system.

How to order

  1. Make a detailed request: describe your territory and its location, which crops you grow or plan to plant. The more detailed your description of the site is, the more effective our recommendations will be.
  2. Send a request to or contact us on one of the social networks. All necessary contacts are at the bottom of the page.
    In response, we will send you a proposal with the composition and cost of the system, and our recommendations for the placement of sensors and, possibly, solutions to your problems.

Approximate cost

A standard set of three external climate sensors in one of the standard housings (specify when placing an order) and a central receiving and transmitting station costs from €499. Depending on the climatic conditions of your site, requirements for the design and installation of equipment, and delivery costs, the price may vary.

How can you cut costs?

  • When ordering a set of 50 climate sensors, you can reduce the cost several times in terms of one device, subject to several conditions.
  • Delivery of ready-to-install electronics without decorative cases. You can make the case on site by yourself according to our instructions from available materials.
  • Independent installation (in this case, it is highly advisable that your representative passed a preliminary internship at one of our experimental sites.
  • Discounts to scientific and educational institutions up to free delivery.

Please specify cost reduction options when placing your order.

What will you get when you buy a Symbiosei equipment kit?

  • The required number of external sensors (air temperature, soil temperature and humidity, illumination) in a standard decorative case for your region or in decorative cases made according to your individual order (specify when placing an application).
  • A central receiving and transmitting station for collecting information from sensors and transmitting data to cloud storage (requires Wi-Fi at the site or reliable cellular communication). It is possible to record data to a local disk (check when submitting your application).
  • Recommendations for placing sensors. The more detailed you describe your land plot and what results you expect from it, the more effective our advice will be.
  • Delivery and installation of equipment (if necessary).
  • An account on the website, where you can observe sensor data in real time and, if you like, blog your garden. If necessary, for review purposes, we can give you access to one of our working accounts; in this case please mention it in your application.
  • Free consultation with a local dealer based on the results of the first month of observation.

Information on topic

Examples of the designs of external microclimate sensors

The design of external microclimate sensors is individual and completely independent of electronic components.
Our monitoring system can be easily integrated into any landscape project.
If necessary, we are ready to design and manufacture a vandal-proof version of the system.
Specify your wishes when placing an order!


A few words about the equipment that you may be planning to buy.
Dear friends, this is a beta version, I must honestly tell you about this.
And Symbiose Intelligente is still just a startup, even if it a French one.
We are confident about our equipment, it will work fine for you, and if it doesn’t, we will help you to set it up. But this is still a beta, which means that surprises are possible.

Some good news:

  • if it doesn’t work, we’ll help you to set it up, and if necessary, we’ll come and set it up personally;
  • if something is broken, we will replace it free of charge and without negotiations;
  • if, after a month’s use, you don’t like our system, we’ll take it back and return the money except the cost of delivery.

With respect, Alexander Ershov,
co-founder and technical director
Symbiose Intelligente